Keri Hilson Lets In The Men For No Boys Allowed

As the singer let MTV News tag along on a day of album promotion, she explained her exclusive title.

What better way to spend a Monday than with "Pretty Girl Rock" singer Keri Hilson, as she promotes this week's release of her new album, No Boys Allowed? MTV News was lucky enough to tag along with Hilson and occasionally pepper her with questions while she hopped around New York City for photo shoots and prepared for an interview on "106 & Park."

In a cab ride to BET's studios, we asked Hilson which song she's most excited for fans to hear on the new album.

"That's a hard question," she said. "It's almost like asking, 'Which baby do you like the most? Which child do you like the most?' "

So, we tried an easier question. Why aren't boys allowed? Or, does she mean that boys aren't allowed but men are?

"Yeah, men [are allowed]," Hilson said. "That's the point of the album. I feel like I give so much of the female perspective, and I really wanted to give guys a chance to sound off and give their perspective on certain things, so I had to bring in the men."

By way of illustrating the point (maybe), we saw Hilson receiving a piggy-back ride from a manly friend. "This is a man's job!" Hilson shouted. "No boys allowed! Only a man can handle this," she added, referring to her burly mode of "transport."

After her "106 & Park" performance, we asked Richie, Hilson's choreographer, whether she was a good dance pupil or not.

"Uh, yes, Keri is amazing," he said.

"What do you mean, 'Uh, yes?' " interjected Hilson, who recently caused a stir with her racy grinding in the video for "The Way You Love Me."

"I mean, listen. It's a process that we go through, but Mama's always under the gun," he tried to explain, at which point Hilson cut in again.

"Boo! Cut!" Hilson mock protested, and pretended to put her dance man in a headlock.

"And she comes out and she wins," Richie finished, laughing. "So, yes, it's an amazing process, but Mama makes it through the fire."