Enrique Iglesias Says 'Tonight' Isn't About Shock Factor

Online sneak peeks tease Ludacris-starring video: 'It's a little out there.'

[artist id="508982"]Enrique Iglesias[/artist] is following up his 2010 hit "I Like It" with another sexy dance track, "Tonight." While this song's a bit more forward than his previous one — boasting the lyric, "Tonight, I'm f---ing you" — it is just as party-ready. And though the song may leave some listeners blushing, Iglesias says he wasn't trying to shock anyone.

"I was asked by a bunch of journalists, 'Was it a shock factor that you wanted to create?' And I honestly told them, it truly wasn't about that," he explained to MTV News. "I love the song. I loved the melody. I loved the beat. I thought it was unique. Look, how many adults go out at night or go to the club and that goes through their head, but they would never have the guts to say it?"

Regarding the song being a bit sexier than fans may be used to hearing from the singer, he laughed, replying, "I'm a little more religious, right?"

Iglesias joked that he got [artist id="961097"]Ludacris[/artist] on the track to displace some of the blame he might get from the song's raunchy content.

"I loved his work. I think he's one of those artists that every single feature I've heard of his, it's always a perfect 10. He's always dead on," Iglesias explained. "I played it for him, and I wanted to see what his reaction would be like, so when I played it for him he immediately called me back and was like, 'Man, I'm on this.' This is exactly what he said: 'This is my kind of sh--.' "

The guys will be teasing the "Tonight" video, set to debut in early 2011, with online sneak peeks. The video was shot over four days in Cabo, Mexico, and Los Angeles.

Iglesias explains that it's going to be "a little more cinematic, a little more of a long story. You get a little bit of acting on Luda's part. I was a little afraid: It's a tough song. What type of video do you make? What do you do?"

So what did they do? "It's stylized, and it's not so 'in your face,' " he explained. "I don't know how to explain it. When I saw the video, it didn't feel offensive. Although I saw the video and it's a little out there, but I loved it. It's almost like the guys' fantasy. That's what we wanted to create."

Luda is the only one doing the acting in the video, and Iglesias, who will be kicking off his 2011 live shows February 5 at Madison Square Garden, has a very good reason for that.

"I was there when he was shooting, but in this video, it wasn't about us being together in the video. I wanted to separate his part," he said. "But it was great, and I think he's one of those guys — he's so charismatic. I wanted to get a little bit of his acting skills in there because he's a great actor. I'm trying to be as laid-back as possible."

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