BSB Debut NKOTBSB Song 'Don't Turn Out The Lights'

Brian Littrell and AJ McLean preview track on Backstreet Boys cruise.

NKOTBSB fans have a lot to look forward to in 2011. The guys have announced they'll be hitting the road for a tour, and now comes a little preview of a song the groups recorded together. On Monday (December 20), Perez Hilton posted a video of the [artist id="832"]Backstreet Boys[/artist] debuting "Don't Turn Out the Lights" for fans during their cruise earlier this month.

"A song by NKOTBSB," AJ McLean told the room of screaming fans, with Brian Littrell by his side. "I'm gonna tell you guys, 'Don't turn out the lights now.' Press play."

The up-tempo jam features vocals from McLean, Littrell and Jordan Knight about still being in love with someone. The guys sing, "I know we haven't been getting along/ I don't want to say goodbye/ Memories come flooding back/ I love you like that/ We can get it back again/ Don't turn out the lights now."

After cutting off the song early, McLean explained, "We can't play the whole thing, just 'cause with the tour coming up. It's a sample."

Despite pressure from both McLean and Littrell, their lawyer refused to let them play the sample again. An official release date or other information about the track was not available.

Back in November, all nine members of NKOTBSB teased a possible collaboration of new material, and not just mash-ups, in an interview they gave shortly after initially

announcing a tour.

"It's tough getting these guys in the studio, these young cats," Joey McIntyre shared. " Well, it's honestly, it is tough to get everybody together. Yes, we have lots of great intentions."

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