David Banner Says T.I. Has Always Battled 'Adversity'

Mississippi rapper says Tip is 'probably one of the strongest dudes that I ever met' during 'RapFix Live' interview.

According to [artist id="1215664"]David Banner,[/artist] T.I. is gonna get back up from his latest drama.

During the latest installment of MTV News' "RapFix Live," the Mississippi MC's sit-down was preceded by an exclusive interview with Tip about his music and how the trials of the past year have influenced his work.

Banner, who is friends with T.I. and crafted his bouncy Trap Muzik single "Rubber Band Man," said he's more concerned with how the ATL spitter's family is dealing with the superstar's sentence, and remains confident Tip will snap back from his latest setback.

"T.I.'s probably one of the strongest dudes that I ever met. Since the first day I met him, he was the shortest dude in the room but had his chest poked out the furthest [and] always kept his head up," he said. Banner noted Tip's resilience both as an artist and a businessman, one who engineered a fruitful deal with Atlantic after his debut outing with Arista went south.

"Even when his first situation went down with the label, he totally pulled [himself] off the label and started back over again," he remarked. "He's been one person who's been up against adversity all of his life."

Banner further commented that regardless of T.I.'s status as the King of the South, CEO of Grand Hustle or trap-music kingpin, behind the fame, he's a fallible, flawed, flesh-and-blood human being — just like everyone else.

"Everybody expects entertainers to raise [their] family. One thing that he said that really struck me is that we're still men; there's still certain repercussions as black men in America with everybody's eyes being on you. From the streets to business, we're still men, we're not gods. We're not perfect," Banner continued. "The thing that America has done, every mistake that a young black man makes — and not that he couldn't have made better decisions — but in life, period, everybody that's behind these cameras that's on the Internet or whatever, look at the mistakes you make every day in life. If you made one or two mistakes, and then every time you make one or two mistakes, everybody is on you, that's a lot of pressure as a person."

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