Exclusive: Mack Maine Reveals Lil Wayne's Next Single

'We definitely dropping it before the end of the year,' Young Money boss tells MTV News about Tha Carter IV track '6'7".'

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] may strike a diminutive figure physically, but on the microphone, the rapper is anything but small.

It's fitting then that in a year when he was largely absent due to a prison sentence, the Cash Money Records superstar marks the end of 2010 with a track that speaks to his burgeoning heft: Two of his protégés, Drake and Nicki Minaj, became superstars this year, making Weezy that much bigger in stature.

According to Young Money boss [artist id="3192629"]Mack Maine[/artist], Wayne is set to release the first single from his forthcoming Tha Carter IV LP by the end of December, simply titled "6'7"."

"We definitely dropping it before the end of the year," Mack revealed to MTV News. "We ready to go now; we getting it mixed."

Lil Wayne insider DJ Scoob Doo compared the track to frenetic fan favorite "A Milli": "Just Think A 2010 Version Of A Milli...But On [Steroids]," he tweeted.

Mack agreed with the comparison, adding, "Just make sure you all remember two words: Cory Gunz. Incredible."

Cory Gunz, of course, is the latest addition to Young Money and the progeny of late-'90s rapper Peter Gunz. Mack hinted the young MC will appear on "6'7"."

There's no official timetable for Tha Carter IV, however, Wayne is set to shoot a number of videos shortly for the album and in support of his most recent collection, I Am Not a Human Being.

Tracks from I Am Not a Human Being were originally slated to appear on TCIV, but Wayne ordered the material to be released as a part of the earlier project, which was released while he was still behind bars.

Now, he's finishing his new album, which will consist of material he wrote while imprisoned. Writing down his rhymes is a process the rapper abandoned a few years ago in favor of a free-flowing style.

"[Wayne]'s talking bananas. Some of the rhymes were actually written in jail. First time you all are gonna hear Wayne write in a minute,"

Mack revealed. "He actually sat down and wrote this time. It's amazing."

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