Rick Ross Praises Keri Hilson's 'The Way You Love Me' Video

Hilson's video co-star compares the racy clip to Janet Jackson's 'Control.'

Keri Hilson may have stirred things up with her steamy "The Way You Love Me," but her video co-star, Rick Ross, is giving props to the clip, comparing it to Janet Jackson's "Control."

"When I got the record, I most definitely knew she was going to another level and I was excited for her," Ross told MTV News. "I love to see the creative side. She's a sexy female and I think she showed that. When I think of Janet Jackson when I was coming up and she was doing her Control thing, I loved it. So if that's the feeling that young people [are getting] or whoever is feeling the music, if that's the inspiration they get, I think it's dope."

"The Way You Love Me" premiered online last week and immediately drew attention for its explicit lyrics and the limited amount of clothing — bikini and boots — Hilson wore.

Directed by veteran choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson (Diddy's "Making the Band"), the NSFW video made some fans cry foul over Hilson's unladylike moves. Others, meanwhile, praised the singer for her forward-thinking boldness.

In an interview with gossip hound Perez Hilton, Hilson defended the clip, calling the video "racy" but in line with the perspective of her forthcoming album.

"You know what? If you put it in context with my album, my album is called No Boys Allowed but really it means no bullsh-- allowed," she said. "In this album, I was screaming in a room — just like I was screaming in the song — I was screaming in a room with all my girlfriends, yelling all the sh-- we really say."

No Boys Allowed hits stores on December 21.