Diddy And Robert DeNiro Flirt On 'Saturday Night Live'

Bad Boy mogul hits on the screen legend dressed in drag for a skit, and takes over stage with Swizz Beatz and Diddy-Dirty Money.

Hip-hop and Hollywood went head-to-head on this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live." Screen great Robert DeNiro served as host and [artist id="3217246"]Diddy-Dirty Money[/artist] supplied the musical entertainment, but one of the highlights of the episode went down when the music mogul and movie legend teamed up for some laughs.

The two appeared together in a skit in which Diddy — playing an over-amped music executive — touts the talents of the "Hottest Hook Guy" in the business: Blizzard Man. Andy Samberg enters a recording studio in full early '90s regalia-colored shades, silky shirt, sprayed-stiff hair — and drops a few wiggity wack rhymes to the horror of the other producers. Then Blizzard's mom, played by DeNiro, sashays in, suited up in a gaudy sweater and leggings outfit that catches the eye of a (presumably) delusional Diddy. "You know a bitch gotta stay dipped," the Hollywood great says. After sizing her up later on, the Last Train to Paris rapper tells DeNiro's alter ego adds "If you wasn't my man's mom, I'd tear that ass up."

For the most part, DeNiro side-stepped the loopy costumes, playing himself when he stopped by fictional BET talk show "What's Up with That?" alongside Robin Williams and Kenan Thompson as Deandre Cole for a special Hollywood-themed episode. But the screen legend messes with Cole's habit of interrupting guests and simply stops speaking. DeNiro stares grumpily at Cole until the groove kicks in, the host bops his head and he croons "uncomfortable silence."

DeNiro also turns up as a grizzled barfly who Samberg and Jason Sudeikis have to bed in a nearby closet in order to get a drink. All three complain that the experience is horrible because they each find each other butt-ugly. It's later revealed that real mood-killer is the presence of DeNiro's pal, another white-haired old timer in a bathrobe played by Ben Stiller.

The show inserts a hefty amount of promotion for DeNiro's new flick "Little Fockers," including staging a set visit from a super-excited kid who freaks out about everything — from checking out a schedule to meeting the craft-services guy — except DeNiro. When Stiller arrives, the kid praises him for his turn in the 1998 movie "Permanent Midnight," and glares at DeNiro, "That's how you do drama."

The Italian-American icon also hits up an Italian talk show that pushes him to skip down memory lane. The show trots out a deer from the 1978 flick "The Deer Hunter," and even forces him to do an unenthused DeNiro impression. The host also gets DeNiro to unwittingly utter his singular "Taxi Driver" line, "Are you talking to me?" by speaking in the opposite direction.

For most of the show, Diddy stuck to what he's known for, performing twice with the Dirty Money ladies, Dawn Richard and Kalenna. The trio hits the stage first with "Coming Home" shrouded in dark shadows that reflect the song's plaintive vibe. While both ladies rock stylized pompadours and chunky statement jewelry, Richard shows off her abs in a slick bra-top and Kalenna wears a snug jumpsuit. Backed by a full band and a string section, Diddy helmed the performance, spitting the lyrics in a dark jacket and passionately declaring "It feels so good" to be coming home.

The crew switched up the vibe from soulful to sexy for the second performance. Swizz Beatz kicked off the trio's rendition of "Ass on the Floor," imploring to the audience to "Get your hands in the air!" Richard and Kalenna took center stage and vamped it up under bright red lights, to glam crimson capes which Dawn affixed to her bustier and Kalenna to the small of her waist. Diddy hung back stealthily by the side of the stage surrounded by a few dancers in blonde bobs and slinky outfits. The mogul later hops up to lend a hand with hypeman duties, and the bobbed women join him as unleashes his verse, posing aggressively as he spits.

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