Bella Thorne Poised To 'Shake It Up' On Disney Channel

Actress, dubbed 'the new Miley Cyrus,' wears out her dancing shoes.

Following in the footsteps of Miley and Selena, there's a new starlet poised for Disney-backed stardom: Bella Thorne, star of "Shake It Up."

Thorne is the newest young Hollywood starlet to helm her own show on the network, and many are saying she's got the chops that will launch her into the entertainment stratosphere, just like her "Hannah Montana" predecessor. MTV News caught up with the budding household name, who broke down the premise behind "Shake It Up" and chatted about what it's like being the latest face on the Disney roster.

" 'Shake It Up' is about two best friends, CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue, and they want to live their dreams as professional dancers on a TV show called 'Shake It Up Chicago,' " Thorne explained. "Basically, it's about following your dreams and their journeys and school and friends and everything else."

Thorne, who scored the part after auditioning last fall, said she had to go through a slew of meetings before winning the role. She also sacrificed a beloved item in her wardrobe hoofing it for the part.

"I have these new ballet flats — they're ruined," Thorne complained good-naturedly. "Yup, they're completely ruined from all the dancing we went through."

Like her character, Thorne is tasked with busting moves for her dream job. However, despite landing such a rigorously dance-centric gig, she was a newcomer to mastering choreography on a professional level.

"I've only been dancing since I got 'Shake It Up,' " she revealed. "I mean, I've been dancing all my life, but I never did any classes or anything like that. So [I learned] just watching shows and freestyling."

For Thorne, picking up a few new steps here and there isn't a problem, since she's carved a place for herself as part of the Disney family — an entertainment powerhouse she's proud to call home.

"It feels amazing," she gushed. "You can't really describe the feeling, because I'm so happy and blessed to be here, and the rest of our talented cast have worked so hard on 'Shake It Up.' And we all put all of our heart and soul into every episode, and we just hope that people like it just as much as we do."

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