Justin Bieber's My Worlds Acoustic: A Cheat Sheet

Get the scoop on the singer's latest album, out Black Friday.

On Black Friday, the year's busiest shopping day by far, Justin Bieber will release his album, My Worlds Acoustic. It will feature one new track, "Pray," as well as acoustic reinterpretations of some of Bieber's biggest songs from his first two LPs, My World and My World 2.0.

While fans have gotten the chance to hear "Pray" as well as acoustic teases of "Favorite Girl" (when he stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show this month) and "Never Say Never," his musical director, Dan Kanter, tweeted what the rest of the album will sound like, saying, "Loving the percussion... Cajones and congas! Definitely an influence from our travels around the world!"

As for "Pray," Bieber has said he was inspired by a track from the King of Pop himself. "It's a very uplifting song, very motivational," he said. "It definitely comes from the heart. It's very beautiful. I definitely thought of Michael [Jackson's] 'Man in the Mirror' when I was writing it."

The album, which also features "One Time," "Baby," "One Less Lonely Girl, "Down to Earth," "U Smile," "Stuck in the Moment" and "That Should Be Me," was recorded because Bieber wanted to silence his critics. "I really think that I did an acoustic album because there's a lot of haters out there that say, 'Justin Bieber can't sing. His voice is all Auto-Tuned,' " he said. "And there's a lot with production, it kind of drowns out your voice, and it takes away from the singer, over the synths and everything.

"I think kind of stripping it down," he added, "and having it kind of really mellow and being able to hear my voice is why I wanted to do it."

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