Ne-Yo Delivers Rousing Libra Scale Medley At The AMAs

The singer's performance included segments of three tunes from his new album.

[artist id="2002414"]Ne-Yo[/artist] may be the ultimate gentleman, but the singer/songwriter was rough and rousing during his medley set at the 2010 American Music Awards on Sunday night (November 21). During his performance, the R&B artist sang parts of no less than three songs from his about-to-be-released album, Libra Scale.

Ne-Yo stormed the stage to his stirring hit "Champagne Life" before quickly transitioning to "One in a Million," for which he tossed his jacket aside and darted toward the object of his affection.

"Girl, you're so one in a million," he sang over the breezy track. "You are/ Baby, you are the best I ever had/ And I'm certain that there ain't nothing better/ No, there ain't nothing better than this."

Ne-Yo danced nimbly and swiftly while a pack of females in red circled around him as he tried to zone in on his leading lady.

The action on stage subsided moments later, however, when Ne-Yo launched into "Beautiful Monster."

Alone on stage, Ne-Yo and his love interest tangled and traded some fancy footwork before she tossed her white coat aside to reveal risqué lingerie.

"She's a monster, beautiful monster/ Beautiful monster, but I don't mind," he sang to the synth-heavy track. "And I need her, said I need her/ Beautiful monster, but I don't mind/ No, I don't mind."

Prior to his AMA performance, Ne-Yo told MTV News that he would deliver a "theatrical" set during Sunday's telecast.

"There's a storyline that flows through the entire album," he explained. "So we're basically trying to take the story of Libra Scale and summarize it into about four minutes and put it on stage for you."

Libra Scale hits stores on Monday (November 22).

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