Ne-Yo Promises 'Theatrical' AMA Performance

Singer says four-song set will 'pretty much tell the full story of [his album] Libra Scale.'

When [artist id="2002414"]Ne-Yo[/artist] hits the stage at the American Music Awards on Sunday, the singer/songwriter will have some big promises to fulfill.

MTV News caught up with the Libra Scale crooner on Friday during the rehearsals for the main event, and he said his upcoming set will be more than just the typical song-and-dance routine.

"The performance for the AMAs is gonna be a bit more theatrical than just getting onstage and singing a song and having some dancers back you up," Ne-Yo said. He added that the performance will incorporate many of the concepts found on his forthcoming effort.

"There's a storyline that flows through the entire album," he said. "So we're basically trying to take the story of Libra Scale and summarize it into about four minutes and put it on stage for you."

While he didn't give up too many details, the songsmith did break down the set list, which includes a spankin' new track from Libra.

"What I will say is that we're gonna be doing a medley. There's four songs in total in this whole four-minute performance. We go from 'Champagne Life' into 'One in a Million' into one of the ... newer songs off the album called 'Telekinesis' into, of course, 'Beautiful Monster' to end it all off," he said. Ne-Yo also hoped to turn the performance into a sales boost.

"Through these four songs we have figured out a way to pretty much tell the full story of Libra Scale," he said. "Or leave people just intrigued enough to go get the album when it comes out."

As an AMA vet, Ne-Yo was also looking forward to not only throwing down on stage, but just checking out the star-packed event and enjoying himself.

"One of the cool things about the AMAs is the fact that there's so many different genres crammed into one fantastic night," he said. "You can get a little bit of R&B, a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of country. Me being a person that's very versatile in my musical choices and tastes, this is the perfect show for me. I enjoy coming. This is my ... fourth or fifth time and it never gets old. I'm gonna have a good time."

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