Enrique Iglesias To Perform 'Raunchier' New Single At AMAs

The pop star says 'Tonight' is 'a little bit dirtier' than his previous songs.

Enrique Iglesias will be making quite the statement when he takes the stage to perform at the American Music Awards on Sunday. The Spanish pop star will not only be singing his "Jersey Shore"-approved hit single, "I Like It," but also his much naughtier new tune, "Tonight."

For those not familiar with the club jam, "Tonight" finds Iglesias making a very interesting offer to a lady, as he sings, "Please excuse me/ I don't mean to be rude/ But tonight I'm f---ing you." There's really no subtext in the tune.

"I'm singing my new single, which is called 'Tonight,' and it features Ludacris," the singer explained to MTV News at his AMA rehearsal on Thursday. "It's a little bit dirtier and raunchier than the things I've done in the past, but I like it. That's what I feel. I felt good about it."

Most certainly, Iglesias will change the song's catchphrase to the radio-approved "Tonight I'm loving you." Regardless of the edit, he explained that the tune's risqué sentiment was meant to be taken lightly.

"I thought it was a strong statement ... to say in a song, but it's fun," he insisted. "It's probably what a lot of guys and girls think about at times, but they don't have the guts to say. It's pretty straightforward. Music has become so direct and you can say whatever you want, which is cool. At the end of the day, it's just a song — you don't have to take it seriously. You can have fun with it."

Iglesias also is looking forward to sing his other club banger, "I Like It," which features guest rapper Pitbull. "It should be fun," Iglesias said. "I just want to make it as energetic as possible. I've done it before and I loved it and being able to bring in as much percussion as possible and as much as energy. And this time I get to perform it with Pitbull, which is a good friend and I always love sharing the stage with him because he truly is a great guy and a great showman."

The AMAs air live from Los Angeles on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

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