My Chemical Romance's 'Sing' Video: The Killjoys Are Dead?

In MCR's post-apocalyptic Danger Days clip, our heroes appear to be no match for their considerable foes.

In the second video from their Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys album, My Chemical Romance get dark. "Sing" is not the whiplash, DayGlo mélange of sight and sound that "Na Na Na" was. No, it's far more sinister, and with good reason.

In the clip, MCR's Killjoys roll into Battery City and launch an assault on the headquarters of Better Living Industries. The goal is to rescue the mysterious girl who was taken from them at the conclusion of "Na Na Na," and there's a pretty good chance it's a suicide mission: The Killjoys are hopelessly outmanned and overwhelmingly outgunned, and they know it. This probably won't end well and — if you haven't seen the video yet, skip ahead to the next paragraph — it doesn't. The Killjoys are cut down, and while the girl they set out to save does escape (thanks to Dr. Death Defying), it looks as if it's curtains for our heroes. Maybe.

Ultimately, "Sing" shows us just how dire a situation the Killjoys are up against, how daunting the challenge of overcoming Better Living Industries (and their leader, Korse). The odds are stacked against them. Gone is the free-spirited abandon (and blink-and-you'll-miss-them pop-culture nods) of "Na Na Na" — though to be fair, there are references to "Star Wars" and Snake Plissken to be found — replaced with a palate of murky grays and pale fluorescents. The sun seemingly does not shine in Battery City. The future is bleak indeed.

The overall feel of the video is a tribute to MCR frontman Gerard Way, who co-directed "Sing" with P.R. Brown. They know how to create an ominous, post-apocalyptic tone, one that sends shivers down your spine. There's not much fun to be had here but, as is the case with most great second acts ("The Empire Strikes Back," for example), good times really aren't the goal: This is a video that expands the Killjoy universe, that explains just how impossible — or suicidal — their mission really is. That it ends on a bummer is practically par for the course.

And yet, I have a pretty good feeling the Killjoys will return for the third Danger Days video, whatever it may be (perhaps "The Only Hope for Me is You"?) And I still suspect that, despite overwhelming odds, they'll probably triumph nonetheless. The good guys usually win in the third act, after all. I just hope they don't go the Lucas route and work some Ewoks into the mix.

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