B.o.B's 'Don't Let Me Fall' Video Premieres

T.I. makes an appearance in trippy new clip.

B.o.B's new video for "Don't Let Me Fall," the fourth clip from the Atlanta rapper's debut LP, B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, premiered midnight Tuesday (November 16) on MTV.com.

The video was directed by Ethan Lander, who also manned the lens for B.o.B's "Nothin' on You," and was shot in downtown Denver and at Red Rocks Park and Ampitheatre. The clip weaves in footage from B.o.B's humble beginnings and follows him as he rises up the ranks in rap's food chain.

Supporters, from manager TJ Chapman to T.I., who executive-produced B.o.B's debut LP and released it on his Grand Hustle imprint, are also included in the footage. It's appropriate, considering the song is a "thank you" of sorts to those who've supported him. The lyrics find B.o.B singing, "Well it was just a dream, just a moment ago/ I was up so high, lookin' down at the sky, don't let me fall/ I was shooting for stars on a Saturday night/ They say, 'What goes up must come down'/ But don't let me fall."

The video opens with B.o.B sitting upright on a bench, which seems to be lying on the floor. The world is moving around him, as if he's fallen. Throughout the video, the aforementioned early clips play on an old tube television sitting next to the rapper. B.o.B recites his lines in performance shots set against the rocky terrain of Red Rocks Park and in the open space of the amphitheater. Later, he's shown hanging sideways from a parking meter on the sidewalk. People walking by fall around him, but he's unable to get up on his own.

In the final verse, a band joins him, and they're all lying horizontally on the sidewalk, playing the song with B.o.B strumming a guitar. At the end of the video, he stands upright of his own accord and walks away.

Last month, the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust voted B.o.B. the #9 Hottest MC in the Game.

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