'Green Lantern' Trailer, Shot By Shot

Get a sneak peek of Ryan Reynolds in all his emerald glory — not to mention the baddies he's up against.

In just two and a half minutes, the first "Green Lantern" trailer introduces exactly what kind of superhero Ryan Reynolds is going to portray onscreen, with "Gossip Girl" leading lady Blake Lively staring him down the whole way.

In the sneak peek, Hal Jordan (Reynolds) gets dressed, gets rid of his pants and slips on his ring to get redressed in the famous emerald uniform that signifies his new status in the Green Lantern Corps. Witty banter, the Planet Oa, Mark Strong as Sinestro and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond all make appearances in the series of clips, which leave no doubt that director Martin Campbell has set out to attack the world of the Lanterns in epic fashion.

0:00-0:14: Reynolds wastes no time hiding his superhero physique and gets a rude awakening from his first nemesis — the alarm clock. He also shows how gentlemanly Jordan is in this film by rushing out the door and offering tap water to the damsel he's leaving behind in his bed.

0:00-0:24: Jordan and Carol Ferris (Lively) establish the tension they're taking with them into the air with a quick spat about his tardiness before a flight. This provides the context for Reynolds' most memorable "Green Lantern" line yet: "Let's get these pants off and fly some planes."

0:25-0:35: We get to see Hal in his element flying a jet. He thinks to himself that anything feels possible; of course, that comes just as he's forced to eject.

0:41-0:48: Hal Ponders aloud that there's something good waiting for him over the horizon, and that thought immediately materializes Abin Sur, who proceeds to crash into the Earth. Green Lantern mythos junkies all know that this leads to the passing of the ring.

0:55-1:20: Abin Sur shows his face briefly before the WB logo reminds us all who's making this film. It generously passes the spotlight back to Reynolds, however, as Sur explains the responsibility Jordan now has to protect the universe.

1:23-1:28: Our first shot of Oa appears, as does Sinestro, as the glimpse of Green Lantern society illustrates what Hal's going to be getting himself into.

1:30-1:40: A few humbling moments featuring Hal Jordan getting roughed up contrast with a moment of triumph as he summons a big green fist to lay down some justice.

1:41-1:50: Dr. Hector Hammond debuts, looking as normal as you're going to see him for the remainder of the trailer. Hal flies around in space briefly, and his fellow Lantern, Kilowog, gets a quick growl in to remind everyone who you don't talk back to if you serve in the Green Lantern Corps.

1:50-1:54: Dr. Hammond shows up again looking way uglier than before. Jordan gets the drop on him, but Hammond's head starts getting awfully large.

1:55-2:05: Carol tells Hal that he has the ability to overcome fear. This line is immediately followed by a falling helicopter, screaming and Dr. Hammond getting even more veiny and Star Trek alien-looking than he was seconds earlier.

2:04-2:18: Reynolds summons his inner Van Wilder for a moment to expose himself (in costume) to his friend Thomas Kalmaku (Taika Waititi). Kalmaku gets a little choked up, and Hal simply responds, "I know, right?!" The Green Lantern emblem makes another appearance as Hal says he wants to go look for trouble.

2:19-2:25: The final seconds close with Hal flying through space full-throttle with the Green Lantern oath being recited in the background. It's just a trailer, though, so we only get to hear "In brightest day, in darkest night" before everything goes black and the year 2011 slides into view to let us all know when this movie comes out.

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