Brandy Is 'Lovely' On 'Dancing With The Stars,' Taio Cruz Says

'I was a bit starstruck,' he tells MTV News of seeing her on the 'DWTS' set.

Last week on "Dancing With the Stars," [artist id="2453256"]Taio Cruz[/artist] brought some "Dynamite" to the show's glittery stage. And when MTV News caught up with the singer, he revealed that he really enjoyed the chance to appear on the hit reality show.

"It's great. It was awesome. I loved it," he said. "The dancers were so professional and so lovely backstage before we did the performance, and they really, really brought it. The sort of performance level went up by about 50 percent when they were on the stage right at the end, and I had a really great time. It felt really good, and I watched it back, and it looked really great on TV."

While the "Higher" singer might not be too familiar with much of the cast of the show, he was willing to go out on a limb and say that R&B songstress Brandy had a great chance at winning the mirror-ball trophy. "The only person whose name I know is Brandy," he laughed. "I'm gonna say Brandy. She seemed lovely as well. I kind of just waved at her and said, 'Hi.' I was a bit starstruck."

Aside from Cruz, Brandy also has her brother Ray J pulling for her. "I mean, it's crazy! It's crazy being in the crowd. It's crazy just watching her go through it, 'cause it's so intense up there, and they work so hard to be the best at it," Ray J told MTV News. "So I'm there for her. I feel like I'm [Lakers coach] Phil Jackson and she's Kobe Bryant. She's in the game, you know what I'm saying? And I feel like she has the chance to get the ring, so I'm gonna support her all the way and let her know that we believe she can win and let her know we're gonna be there for her all the way through."

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