Lloyd Banks Weighs In On Game's Attempted Reunion With 50 Cent

'I can't honestly take that situation seriously,' G-Unit MC tells 'RapFix Live.'

[artist id="1245018"]Lloyd Banks[/artist] joined Sway on Thursday for his second visit to "RapFix Live," and during their chat, Banks was asked by a fan about 50 Cent's upcoming album.

"It only takes one record to build a masterpiece," Banks said. "When I heard 'What Up Gangsta,' I knew it was enough to build [50 Cent's first LP, Get Rich or Die Tryin'] around that. We come from the same vein. You know most of it's gonna be aggressive, and then the creative flow gonna come out on different times, different records. I just got off the phone with him before I got here. And he was like, 'It only takes one record. I think I made it last night.' I'm excited to hear it."

Banks was also asked about Game's recent attempts to reconnect with 50 Cent. The Compton MC had been tweeting incessantly at 50 Cent earlier in the day, trying to get Fif to reply.

Game tweeted, "@50cent All it take is "ONE PHONE CALL" ! U call me, I call BUCK, tell Banks holla at Yayo & dat puts HIP HOP @ OUR MERCY ! #UknowUcdisN---A."

50 Cent tweeted back, "what are you guys talking about i dont talk to game i have had no communication whit him in years."

Banks dismissed any chance of a reunion, saying the strategy behind G-Unit's sudden re-emergence has little to do with the crew itself, but more so the individual moves of the artists in the camp. In that respect, there would be no reason to reunite with Game, because he's not doing enough on his own.

"I can't honestly take that situation seriously," Banks said. "This time coming around, it was more about us as individual artists building up our brand to eventually come together to form the monster they know as G-Unit the crew. Not to form the crew G-Unit to better our career as solo artists. We did that dance already. 50's first album led into the G-Unit album, which led into my album. Now it's time to pay 50 back. It's time for me to make it easy on him. Not go to 50 to make it easy on us."

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