Lloyd Banks Previews 'Where I'm At' With Eminem On 'RapFix Live'

'I worked with Em numerous times, but every time, it just feels like the first time,' G-Unit MC tells Sway.

On Thursday (November 11), when [artist id="1245018"]Lloyd Banks[/artist] sat down with Sway for his second visit to "RapFix Live," he discussed his song with Eminem on Hunger for More 2, due November 22. There had actually been two songs featuring Eminem floating around online, including a snippet of "Where I'm At" and "Celebrity," featuring Akon.

"[People] heard two songs because one of them leaked out," Banks explained. "Em had a few records to play with. He had laid a verse down for 'Celebrity,' but ultimately we ended up going with the record 'Where I'm At.' "

Banks allowed Sway to cue up a snippet of the song, and on it, we heard Em spit, "I'm moving on, don't worry about me/ 'Cause I'mma be just fine without ya, you'll see/ There ain't no one on this earth right now I'd much rather be/ 'cause goddamnit, I'm glad that I'm me/ If you could be where I'm at, you'd wanna be you too/ If you felt the way I feel, I bet you'd be in as good a mood as I'm in/ But you don't, 'cause you just feel like you."

"It was more of a 32-bar, 32-bar verse for each of us," Banks said. "We had a little more open space to be creative. I spoke with him for a minute, maybe a half-hour, just about the record, on how I was gonna approach it. It was kind of like ... he just brought me through what his verse was. He played me it over the phone, so he didn't leave me out in the blind."

This is not the first time Em and Banks have collaborated. They've actually been working together since the entire Shady/G-Unit/Aftermath roster was warring with Ray Benzino in the early aughts.

"I worked with Em numerous times, but every time, it just feels like the first time," Banks said. "Because he doesn't sound the same. Every time he steps it up a notch higher."

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