Ryan Leslie Calls Stolen Laptop 'An Opportunity To Regroup'

Singer/producer also gives details on Less Is More during Lloyd Banks' 'RapFix Live' interview.

Even though [artist id="1715121"]Ryan Leslie's[/artist] computer, which housed many of his creative projects, was recently swiped, the producer/singer remains undaunted as he records his upcoming album.

The "Diamond Girl" crooner Skyped into Lloyd Banks' "RapFix Live" sit-down Thursday (November 11) live from Munich and caught up with MTV News' Sway and the G-Unit soldier, whom he worked with on Banks' Hunger for More 2 cut "So Forgetful." He also chopped it up about the hefty reward he's ready to dole out to whoever can recover his laptop.

"I lost my computer out here in Germany. I actually had my whole new album on there, which I had been working on in secret, and it got stolen. So right now I got a million-dollar reward for anybody that can return my intellectual property to me," Leslie explained.

Leslie was crafting material for Less Is More, an album he said is a creative departure from his previous releases, Transition and his self-titled debut.

"I think this collaboration that I just did with Banks is a real good indicator that I'm gonna be doing things that people may not expect from me if you listen to just the other two albums," he hinted. "I think right now hip-hop, and music in general, is in just a great collaborative space, and so I was putting together a bunch of really dope soundscapes that I could collaborate with my favorite artists on."

Leslie said he was inspired to work with Banks after seeing the MC team up with another R&B crooner.

"I've always been a fan of Banks, and I'm good friends with Dre McKenzie, who's the A&R over there [at G-Unit]," he said. "When I actually saw the behind-the-scenes of Banks and Lloyd [the singer], I reached out and said, 'Man, I really want to be a part of this project.' "

After Leslie invited the "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" spitter to return the favor and appear on his forthcoming effort, the singer rattled off the list of names who may guest on the record.

"I've been talking to Trey Songz, been talking to Pharrell ... been working with Kanye. I've done some work with Keri Hilson," he said.

While Leslie definitely wants his stolen laptop back, he maintained that he's pushing forward with his music and plans to salvage any of the A-level work he's put in so far.

"I think right now it's really just an opportunity for me to just regroup. Anything that I don't remember, maybe it shouldn't have been on that album, and anything that I do remember, we going to re-record it," he said.

Leslie added that he'll craft the album and globe-trot simultaneously, kicking off his traveling recording session in the City of Light.

"I think I'm actually gonna be recording around the world," he said. "Probably the first stop will be Paris, so Banks, if you want to come, spend a couple weeks out in Paris, a couple days, I'll be out there for a couple weeks, re-recording everything, getting some inspiration, and look for the album top of the year."

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