Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Has Been 'Life-Changing,' Dina Lohan Says

Actress is 'happy and relaxed,' her mother tells 'Today' show.

Lindsay Lohan will be spending the holiday season in rehab, and her mother, Dina, says that she's in favor of doing whatever it takes to heal her famous daughter. She stopped by the "Today" show to chat with Matt Lauer about her daughter's current status.

"We'll take it one day at a time," Dina explained. "I don't have a crystal ball. I pray hard, and she wants to start her own facilities, help other children. She's so public, we can only be positive and look to the future to help other families."

She explained that right now her daughter is in an "amazing place" and that the actress wants to become a "different person" now that she is in rehab. Lohan has reportedly been sending e-mails to friends to apologize for past behavior.

"It was life-changing. The Betty Ford Center is just an amazing place," Dina continued. "And I spent two weeks there in family sessions and you're not necessarily with the person who's in the facility. You spend time with families of addiction [talking about] the codependency. They're helping the families deal with the problem. ... [She's] happy and relaxed. She's been in a couple of facilities, but this one, to me, has really changed her. ... They bring the problem to the surface."

Dina explained that right now Lindsay isn't at the Betty Ford Center itself, but at a home being rehabbed for her addictions. "She spent the 30 days in the facility and now she's in a home," she said. "It's like a safety net, they let you out to live your life. Lindsay's gonna go back; she loves film. The pressure and the press, it's [all her] trigger points.

"Lindsay wants to stay," she continued. "She's learning the trigger points and why she turns to drugs and addiction. It's a lifelong journey and I feel like this facility has helped me [understand all this too]. I just feel like it's her journey and it's up to her."

As for Lindsay's past assertions that she isn't an addict, Dina says that her daughter was not willing to face her demons. "Yes, [she gets that she's an addict] and this teaches you that you are. And she's young. And being so young, admitting that can only help her sobriety," she explained, adding that she too can now cop to her daughter's problems. "Yes, [I am]. When I first came here initially ... I wasn't in denial by far, but I think it was for her to come to her own evolution. For me, as a mother, I protect. You protect as a parent. Now I'm happy and relieved myself. I was guarded."

Reports have surfaced that Lindsay has met with her father while in treatment. Dina wouldn't confirm or deny those reports but pointed out that if reconciling with her father will help her heal, then she's all for it.

"It's all about Lindsay and her healing. Absolutely [she should have a healthy relationship with Michael]," she said. "Whatever will make Lindsay heal and [make] her better."