Drake Recounts First Post-Prison Phone Call With Lil Wayne

On penultimate stop of his Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour, the 'Miss Me' MC whips L.A. crowd into frenzy with Wayne details.

Lil Wayne was released from Rikers Island on Thursday, and while 3,000 miles stood between him and [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] — the rapper was in Los Angeles for the next-to-last stop on his Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour — the power of technology allowed them to reconnect in more ways than one.

Onstage at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Thursday, Drake told the crowd, according to a fan video posted on Rap-UpTV, that he'd gotten a phone call from Wayne earlier that day and recounted their conversation.

"I said, 'Hello?' All I heard on the other end was, 'Yo.' [Again] I said, 'Hello?' All I heard on the other end was, 'Yo.' I said, 'Yo, who the f--- is this?' And all I heard on the other end was, 'Haha, it's Weezy F., baby.' I said, 'It's good to have you back.' He said, 'What the f--- is up?' I said, 'I'm chillin', man. Finally made it to the greatest city in the whole muthaf---in' world.' ... He said, 'I'm in New York with the family,' but he said, 'You think they still love Lil Wayne out there in L.A.?' I said, 'Since I'll see you in a couple days, instead of telling you the obvious answer to that question, I'mma just show you how much they love you.' "

The crowd then erupted into chants of "Weezy," as Drake turned a handheld camera on them, filming the audience's reaction, perhaps to show Lil Wayne later. "L.A., I'm gonna keep this camera on," he told the crowd. "I know for a fact that Lil Wayne cannot wait to come back to L.A. and shut this place down. So this next song is in honor of the fact that he'll be home soon."

The Toronto MC closes out his 24-date tour Saturday in Las Vegas at the Joint. Drake recently told MTV News reuniting with Wayne in Sin City was plausible. "I would just advise you to book a ticket out there," he said. "If you can get tickets to that show on the 6th, I would strongly advise it."


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