'Megamind' Star Will Ferrell Recalls His Most Devious Deed

'As, like, a little kid, I shoplifted an extra pack of $500 bills for my Monopoly set,' he tells MTV News.

In thinking of the great villains in film history, Will Ferrell isn't exactly the first name that comes to mind (his unforgettable performance as Mugatu in "Zoolander" notwithstanding). He's far too funny and nice to ever really be a bad guy, which is why Ferrell is perfectly cast as the conflicted supervillain in "Megamind."

Likable animated characters aside, when we caught up with the man behind the large blue head, we asked him, in the spirit of villainy, to dig deep and reveal his most devious deeds.

"This is an absolutely true story. I played a lot of Monopoly as a child — and by myself," Ferrell recalled, "I don't know how that works out, but I would play Monopoly, and I kept running out of $500 bills. They don't give you a lot of $500 bills. And my local drug store, they sold individual packs of extra Monopoly money, and there was a pack of $500s, and I, as, like, a little kid, I shoplifted an extra pack of $500 bills for my Monopoly set."

Gasp! Will Ferrell, a childhood shoplifter? Say it ain't so.

"Something came over me, and I was like, 'I need this,' and I just shoved it into my pocket, and I've never shoplifted [again]," he assured us. "It was the one time I did it. So I shoplifted fake money from a drugstore. That's my most evil thing that I've done."

But did anyone ever find out?

"They're going to find out now," he said.

Somehow, we think Ferrell's in the clear on this one.

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