Justin Bieber Says Love Of Sports Inspired 'Never Say Never' Video

Singer says he tried to make both World Series teams happy in the clip.

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] premiered the mini-video for his song "Never Say Never" on Saturday during the World Series. The video features the unplugged version of the song, which will be included on his upcoming acoustic album, which drops November 22.

When MTV News caught up with Bieber at his book signing Sunday in Los Angeles, the singer said he wanted to make the video for the World Series because he's a big sports fan.

"For 'Never Say Never,' it's kind of like a really inspiring song, so I think that, you know, for people watching it, I guess it's really inspiring. I mean, I love sports," Bieber said, also reminding fans that he recorded "Never Say Never" for the "Karate Kid" soundtrack.

So who is Bieber rooting for in the World Series? "I was wearing a Rangers jacket, and then I was wearing a Giants hat, so, I mean, it was kind of like the idea of, like, 'I'm not cheering for you,' " he said of his outfit in the video. "I'm a Yankees fan, so it's like I was kind of making both teams happy."

Lasting one minute and 24 seconds, the clip gives fans a taste of what Bieber's forthcoming acoustic album will sound like.

The clip, which debuted during Game 3 of the World Series, features footage of Bieber singing from the baseball diamond cut with shots of players hitting balls and hanging out in the dugout. The video shows Bieber playing some acoustic guitar as well. In the end, Bieber walks off the field, bat and guitar in hand.

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