'Dancing With The Stars' Front-Runner Brandy Gets Full Support From Brother Ray J

'I feel like I'm Phil Jackson and she's Kobe Bryant,' Ray J says of his sister.

[artist id="678"]Brandy[/artist] will be back to dance again next week. After Audrina Patridge's elimination on Tuesday night's "Dancing With the Stars," Brandy is one of the front-runners for this season's competition. And her brother Ray J, with whom she co-stars in "Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business," says that he cheers his sister on week after week.

"I mean, it's crazy! It's crazy being in the crowd. It's crazy just watching her go through it 'cause it's so intense up there and they work so hard to be the best at it," Ray J told MTV News. "So I'm there for her. I feel like I'm Phil Jackson and she's Kobe Bryant. She's in the game, you know what I'm saying? And I feel like she has the chance to get the ring, so I'm gonna support her all the way and let her know that we believe she can win and let her know we're gonna be there for her all the way through."

While Brandy hasn't named who she thinks her biggest competition is on the show, her brother isn't shy about naming names. "Jennifer Grey is for real. ... I think Jennifer Grey, she got that 'Dirty Dancing' thing going on, you know what I mean?" he dished. "And whenever you dirty dancing, it's gonna be some competition, please believe that.

"I'm supporting her," he continued, when asked if he had any advice for his sister and reality show co-star. "I'm just impressed with her work ethic and where she is. I'm impressed, man, 'cause I don't think I could do it like that."