'Paranormal Activity 2' Leaves Fans Shaking After Midnight Screening

'We're not going to sleep,' one fan shared after catching a screening of the film.

The things that go bump in the night are back to leave you shaking in your theater chair with the opening of "Paranormal Activity 2" this week. And the sequel to the 2009 hit already had fans spooked out of their minds at a midnight screening in Los Angeles in the wee hours of Thursday morning (October 21).

"I'm scared," Robert Eaves confessed to MTV News after leaving the theater. "We're not going to sleep. Drink coffee, stay up tonight, watch some cartoons, but we're not going to sleep."

Fans raved about the flick, describing it as "really scary," "better than the first one" and "ten times scarier than the first one."

"I was, like, scared, like, out of my mind scared," moviegoer Jolanda Kumkaw said.

"I'm still shaking," one fan said. Another added, "I'm just at a loss for words. That's just way worse than the first one, but good ... in a good way."

The Tod Williams-directed film follows a family who believes that their home has been broken into multiple times. After setting up cameras in their house, they realize these aren't your typical break-ins.

Those who saw the flick said that it helped clear up some of the unanswered questions left from the first film.

"I've never screamed at a movie before," Kelly Sullens added. "It was worth the seven, eight hours that we waited in line for."

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