Jesse McCartney Says 'Shake' Is 'Good Ear Candy'

The singer describes his current single as 'a kind of urban, kitschy track.'

[artist id="1624630"]Jesse McCartney[/artist] wants his fans to "Shake." The bouncy R&B tune will be featured on McCartney's next album, Have It All, which is due out in January. The track offers sexy lyrics about falling in love that, according to the singer, can really mean anything you want them to.

"It's definitely open for interpretation," he told MTV News. "I'm really excited about 'Shake.' We decided that would be the first single to represent Have It All and ... I felt like that song was kind of the closest to [2008's] Departure and it was a way to sort of reacquaint the fans with my music."

Back when McCartney released Departure, the singer touched on sexier R&B tracks, proving that as he grew out of his sugary, sweet, teen-pop image he was willing and unafraid to make music that was meant for listeners of all ages. And, "Shake" is certainly even more mature. "It's a kind of ... urban, kitschy track with a lot of synths and pop melodies on top, and it makes for good ear candy," McCartney explained. "And I think a good out-of-the-gate single, and the fans — I've been on tour for a couple of weeks [and] the reaction's been incredible from them."

Next up, McCartney plans on shooting an equally glossy video for the track. "So I'm gonna shoot a video when I get back to L.A. in about a week and I'm gonna be working with Fly, my choreographer, and we're gonna get a few dancers, a few girls to be in the video," he teased. "It's gonna be cool. We wanted to create a video that wasn't necessarily a story, following the song. It didn't necessarily have to be on the nose. We wanted something that was visually stimulating, a lot of cool camera techniques that haven't been used, a lot of saturated colors. So I'm excited about that too. The fans should have that in a few weeks."