'Jackass 3D': What's Next For Johnny Knoxville And His Pals?

Films and TV shows on the docket for the cast of this weekend's biggest film.

By now, perhaps, Johnny Knoxville and his "Jackass 3D" pals have recovered from their shenanigans — their gashes healed, their bruises no longer tender to the touch. If not, their movie's $50.4 million opening will certainly mask any lingering pain.

For now, at least. There's already talk of more "Jackass" to come, possibly with

target="_blank">another flick culled from footage left on the cutting-room floor or an entirely new feature. Before Knoxville and the boys consider returning to the "Jackass" world, they have a slew of projects to wrap up.

Johnny Knoxville

The next time the "Jackass" ringleader will be seen on the big screen is in "Untitled Comedy," a series of comedic vignettes inspired by old-school films like "The Kentucky Fried Movie." The film's all-star cast of actors and directors includes Elizabeth Banks, Gerard Butler and Kate Winslet. Knoxville stars with Seann William Scott in a Brett Ratner-directed short. Johnny also produced the documentary "The Birth of Big Air," about BMX rider Mat Hoffman and the X Games, for ESPN's "30 for 30" series.

Bam Margera

The "Jackass" guys might be some of the toughest dudes in the world, and now Bam is trying to make it official. He and co-star Ryan Dunn have just kicked off "Bam's World Domination," a Spike TV series about competing in London's "Tough Guy Challenge." Margera also has a regular gig called "Radio Bam" for Sirius Satellite Radio.

Jeff Tremaine

The "Jackass 3D" director just helmed "Birth of Air" for ESPN, and he's an executive producer of MTV shows like "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" and "The Dudesons in America."

Spike Jonze

The Oscar-nominated director stepped into the role of producer for "Jackass 3D." Jonze, coming off the success of "Where the Wild Things Are," has made no official announcement about what his next directorial project will be. Last summer he published "There Are Many of Us," a companion book to his Sundance short "I'm Here." In 2009, Jonze acquired the rights to the novel "Light Boxes," an adaptation of which he's said to be producing for the big screen.

Chris Pontius

Best known as Party Boy in the "Jackass" world, Pontius nabbed a role in Sofia Coppola's "Somewhere." He plays Sammy, the best friend of the hard-living, hotshot actor portrayed by Stephen Dorff. The film hits theaters on December 22.

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