TJ Lavin 'Off Sedation,' Moving Arms And Legs

MTV host is still unconscious and battling pneumonia but 'slowly progressing,' friend Chas Aday says.

TJ Lavin is "slowly progressing" after getting critically injured Thursday night during a BMX stunt, his pal Chas Aday told MTV News on Sunday (October 17).

Aday said that while there have been "no real drastic changes" in Lavin's condition, he was responsive when doctors performed some basic tests.

"They took him off sedation ... yesterday morning to where he followed some simple commands and then they put him back on sedation," Aday said. "He had an MRI yesterday that came back. They didn't see any further brain damage or anything but there's still some swelling there. They took him off the sedation this morning completely but he's still unconscious."

Aday said the "sedation's gonna take a while to wear off" but even though he is unconscious, Lavin is making use of his limbs.

"He's moving his extremities — he's bending his legs and stuff — but not really following commands right now," Aday explained. "He's just kinda moving around like he gets irritated that he's in there."

The MTV "Challenge" host and pro biker sustained brain bleeding, a broken wrist and an orbital fracture after stunt during what was supposed to be the athlete's final ride went awry. Lavin's friend and business partner also added that the BMX rider is fending off a bout of pneumonia.

"He's got a slight fever and has pneumonia that they started some antibiotics for right now," Aday said.

While recent improvements in Lavin's condition appear promising, Aday mentioned that long-term issues with brain function won't be immediately determined.

"I don't think we're gonna know any of that until he wakes up and they can evaluate him from there," he said. "It's gonna be a long recovery for him."

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