Kanye West Drops 'Take One For The Team'

Keri Hilson, Pusha T, CyHi the Prynce guest star on G.O.O.D. Friday release.

Kanye West has used many of his G.O.O.D. Friday joints to bring back the posse cut but his latest track, "Take One for the Team," is the ultimate anthem for keeping things in the family.

G.O.O.D. Music newbie Pusha T kicks off the track with a chorus about the selfless duties of a wingman.

"Your girl a queen, my girl a thing/ You know what though?/ I'mma take, I'mma take this one for the team," Push spits.

Although the track touts team solidarity, West uses his verse to admit he's over being a people-pleaser. Instead, the "Runaway" MC gripes about having to coo over baby photos and endure friends' foul-smelling homes and cheap perfume.

"You know what?/ I figured out I'm not a nice guy/ I shook hands, kissed babies, gave it a nice try," 'Ye raps. "You know what?/ I hate pictures of other people kids/ I hate plastic couches in other people cribs."

Push, however, reveals he's down for the cause, assuring Yeezy that he would pick up a weapons or a drug charge for the G.O.O.D. Music leader.

"Nevermind me, 'Ye have fun/ If the cops ask, that's my gun/ That's my weed, anything you need," Push rhymes.

Even the lone G.O.O.D. Music outsider, Keri Hilson, upholds the family-oriented spirit.

"All I know you the one that I heard about/ And I know you work your way up through word of mouth," Keri belts. "I'mma have to test you in and out/ It's a dirty job but sometimes you gotta take it for the team."

West's newest protégé, CyHi the Prynce, raps about staying within the G.O.O.D. Music fold when it comes to picking out a wingman.

"So I hit Big Sean on the ringer/ I said 'I gotta chick for you that look like a singer'/ On a scale of one to 10 she's a 15-er/ You shoulda seen a n---- face when he seen her."

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