T.I. Drops New Song, 'Get Back Up,' With Chris Brown

Track premieres just hours after Tip was sentenced to 11 months in prison for a probation violation.

Just hours after T.I. was sentenced to 11 months in prison for violating his probation, the rapper released a new track on his website, "Get Back Up" featuring Chris Brown, an ode to his mistakes.

"I'm only human, y'all," he speaks as the song opens.

"When they push you down, you got to get back up," he and Brown chant on the chorus.

The song premiered at 9 p.m. ET on Friday (October 15), the same day the rapper appeared in an Atlanta courtroom where a federal judge sentenced him to prison stemming from a probation violation that occurred last month.

"I admit, yeah, I done some dumb sh--," he raps in the song. "Disappointed everybody, I know/ Try not to hold that against me, though/ My road to redemption has no GPS/ So guess time must be invested for this to be manifested/ Yes, it's hard living life in the spotlight/ Trying to dodge the haters the same time as the cop light/ The Bible says let he without sin cast the stone first/ The sinners are the ones that judge him, who was wrong first?"

The song is a humanizing effort, on which the typically braggadocious lyricist atones for his mistakes. T.I. went before Judge Charles Parnell on Friday and pleaded for mercy with help for his drug dependency, according to reports.

The rapper was arrested last month on drug-possession charges after police discovered Ecstasy in his vehicle during a traffic stop. T.I.'s legal team argued for a sentence of five to eight months, while prosecutors sought a lengthier term upward of 18 months.

The judge settled on 11 months, and now T.I. has two weeks before he's set to turn himself in. As of press time, the rapper nor his label has released a comment regarding the probation hearing.

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