'Jackass 3D' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Before you venture back into the 'Jackass' world, MTV News has your safety manual.

In the beginning, there was Johnny Knoxville and a bunch of his pals, none with any regard for their personal safety or physical well-being. Then came a TV show, followed by two feature films. Over $160 million in box-office receipts later, the boys from "Jackass" are back to do it all over again. In 3-D.

Why? Because they still have no regard for their personal safety or physical well-being. What they do have is a scary list of broken bones, burned flesh and the emotional scars of stunts far too gross to detail here. Yep, they've got all that, plus the willingness to go to any length for a laugh.

You'll be doing a heck of a lot of laughing during "Jackass 3D." You could cry as well, and there's a chance you'll end up nauseous. You really need a safety manual for the whole experience. And we just so happen to have one for you: MTV News' "Jackass 3D" cheat sheet.

Rest and Recovery

As early as fall 2007, barely a year after "Jackass Number 2" opened, star Steve-O started spreading the word that filming on a third movie was about to get under way. Hardly. By April 2009, when we caught up with Knoxville at the Tribeca Film Festival, there was still no movement on the flick. Finally, last fall, word leaked that "Jackass 3D" was in the works.

We got our first look at what they were planning when the trailer dropped this summer: jet-ski stunts, portable toilet stunts and stunts that used a large fish to clock a guy in the face. Fun!


When we caught up with Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine at Comic-Con in San Diego this summer, they revealed some of their favorite scenes.

"I think the Porta-Potty bungee where Steve-O almost got launched into space is gonna be a good one," Knoxville said. "I [also] had a 5-foot hand built, just kinda on a spring saying hello to the fellas in the morning."

MTV News then got an exclusive look at another stunt: an enormous hand sling-shot into an unsuspecting Jackass-er's face. Ouch.

Yet they all seemed to have recovered — at least enough to make the press rounds. "['Jackass 3D'] was pretty competitive," Steve-O told us, referring to the number of injuries sustained by castmembers. "I feel like we all got hospitalized at least a couple times. You, probably more than anybody," he added, speaking to Knoxville.

From the hospital, they graduated to the Museum of Modern Art. That was the unlikely venue for the film's red-carpet premiere. Talk within those hallowed walls ranged from broken genitalia to Vincent Van Gogh, a sort of Jackass of his time when he sliced his ear off in 1888.

"There's been talk about me cutting off a body part for a long time, and I decided all I was willing to give up was a tooth," co-star Ehren McGhehey laughed to MTV News, showing off the gap in his mouth.

"I broke my penis trying to back-flip a motorcycle," Knoxville confessed. "That was over three years ago, and I'm still cathetering twice a day."

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