Russell Brand Wants A 'Victorian London' Wedding

'If time travel was possible, I would definitely get married in another era,' comic says of dream nuptials to Katy Perry on MTV's 'The Seven.'

Russell Brand and Katy Perry have been keeping the details of their impending nuptials quiet but if it were up to Brand, the duo would get hitched in a Dickensian affair.

During his visit to MTV's "The Seven" on Wednesday (October 13), Brand, who is promoting his book "Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal," opened up about his dream wedding and quipped that he would love to tie the knot in 19th-century England.

While chopping it up with "Seven" co-host Kevin Manno, Brand refused to reveal the exact date except to say the event "will be quite soon."

"But it's secret," Brand added. "It's in a place that's very dusty, it's in the distant past, we're gonna be in a time machine. We're getting married in Victorian London!"

Brand eventually conceded that "we can't get married in Victorian London, it's already happened. It was a 100 years ago."

However, he said that he would be down for a throwback event. "If time travel was possible, I would definitely get married in another era," he said.

Since no effective time machine is available, the British comedian and his pop-star fiancée won't be making it official in a bygone era. However, Brand did point out that his bride-to-be employed an old-school approach to bagging the funnyman. When the pair crossed paths at the VMAs last year, Perry apparently wooed Brand with a technique that was probably more common among B.C.-era singles.

"I was hosting the MTV VMA awards, and Katy threw a bottle at my head [and] it really, really, really, really hurt. I don't think anyone ever can explain, 'cause it was a great injustice," Brand said. "I think it might have been a type of very primitive flirting, like a cavewoman might do [with] a caveman."

Perry's approach may have hurt but it also worked, as the two embarked upon a whirlwind romance and their eyebrow-raising remarks have sparked speculation that they already walked down the aisle in a secret ceremony. Brand denied that they are legally husband and wife but emphasized that they're committed to each other.

"Marriage takes place in the heart," Brand said. "So in that sense, we are already married."

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