'Jackass 3D' Guys Say 3-D 'Really Flatters What We Do'

'[We had] the most expensive 3-D camera ever made, and we decide to shoot wiener baseball with it,' director Jeff Tremaine laughs.

For anyone worried that the 3-D aspect of "Jackass 3D" will lend itself to lame gimmickry or cheap stunts (à la a few of Hollywood's less-successful post-production projects released earlier this year), that is not the case.

Take it from the men themselves. Chris "Party Boy" Pontius, Bam Margera and director Jeff Tremaine assured us that the "Jackass" crew put on their classiest filmmaking hats and took full advantage of the technical scope their million-dollar Phantom 3-D camera provided them, with these two words: wiener baseball.

"He's terrible with a real bat, but he's awesome with the wiener bat," Tremaine told MTV News regarding a particularly hilarious stunt performed by Pontius and Margera in the film. "[We had] the most expensive 3-D camera ever made, and we decide to shoot wiener baseball with it."

"Yeah, close to a million-dollar camera, and we spend our time throwing a ball at his wiener and me trying to catch it in my mouth," Margera admitted.

"It's like what little boys would do if they had grown-up wieners," Pontius explained with a grin.

The guys went on to say that shooting in 3-D, particularly the scenes in which they slow down the "impact stunts," totally enhances what they do best: punching each other in the face, getting hit in the groin with random objects, etc.

"The Phantom camera and the 3-D, it really flatters what we do," Pontius said. "It makes it look as real as it is."

"You can't fake the impacts when they're that slow," Tremaine added.

"The suckiest part is that Tremaine makes sure everything is completely real," Margera complained. "In a [regular] Hollywood movie, if you're going to have a stunt with a porta-potty with crap all in it, you could have fake crap," he explained, referencing the outhouse bungee in the film. "But no, he saves up 1,000 pounds of real dog sh--. I'm 50 feet away, and I'm throwing up just by standing 50 feet away."

"It has to be real," Tremaine said. "It's 'Jackass.' "

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