Which 'Jackass 3D' Star Should Be On 'Dancing With The Stars' Next?

'I made it look so appealing for everyone,' Steve-O jokes to MTV News of his time on the show.

After 10 years of death-defying, cringe-inducing, gross-out stunts, anything the "Jackass" castmembers say or do should come as no surprise to their biggest fans — that is, until Steve-O was announced as a contestant on the eighth season of "Dancing With the Stars" last year.

In honor of Steve-O's valiant effort on the show (he ended up finishing in eighth place and outlasted Playboy model Holly Madison, actress Denise Richards and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak) and the upcoming "Jackass 3D," we asked the "Jackass" guys who might be next to follow Steve-O's twinkle toes onto the dance floor.

"[Those are] big shoes to fill," Knoxville joked. "You did great, kid," he told Steve-O, who laughed out loud at Knoxville's comment.

"I made it look so appealing for everyone," Steve-O said sarcastically. "I've been watching the new season," he admitted, adding that his appearance on the show has brought him a few more fans than he had before. "Every time people bring it up, they say, 'Oh man, I really loved you on "Dancing With the Stars." I was really rooting for you,' I feel like they're just trying to be nice."

"Well, they are," Knoxville said. "What are they going to say: 'You're a great dancer'? You did awesome on that. He was lovable and got great footage."

"Thank you," Steve-O said. "I don't think anyone else [from 'Jackass'] is going to be racing over to 'Dancing With the Stars.' "

"He was our best dancer by far," Knoxville said.

The rest of the "Jackass" crew seemed to agree.

"I don't think that's going to happen," Chris "Party Boy" Pontius said, which, surprisingly enough, prompted a pointed discussion about whether the hugely popular ABC show includes castmembers with unfair advantages.

"I don't like it when they have [experienced dancers] on," Pontius complained, singling out Gilles Marini, who finished second in Steve-O's season. "That one guy from the 'Sex and the City' movie, he was obviously a trained dancer."

"That's the worst," "Jackass 3D" director Jeff Tremaine agreed. "Yeah. Ice skaters, if you have any kind of dance in you, don't do it. Let Steve-O win. ... But Wee Man is who we want, because it would challenge the dancers."

"That would be pretty rad," Bam Margera agreed.

"He went to almost every episode of Steve-O's for support," Pontius said. "And he loves dance."

Unfortunately, Jason "Wee Man" Acuña, along with the rest of the gang, said they aren't interested in lacing up their dancing shoes.

"I'd prefer not to see any of us on it," Ryan Dunn said.

"That was Steve-O's thing," Preston Lacy added. "I wouldn't do it if they offered it to me."

Instead, the guys referred back to Wee Man's prior reality-TV appearance on CBS' "Armed and Famous."

"I liked the reality show where Wee Man was a cop," Dave England offered.

"That was amazing," agreed "Danger" Ehren McGhehey.

"They didn't show any of the good footage," Acuña complained. "They only focused on La Toya Jackson, and she wasn't even that great."

Which "Jackass" daredevil do you think should be on "Dancing With the Stars" next? Let us know in the comments!

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