Lauren Conrad Reveals Which Pals Will Appear On New MTV Show

LC's roommate Maura and friend Gary, who appeared on MTV's 'Styl'D,' will join her on yet-untitled series.

While it hasn't been determined yet if any of Lauren Conrad's "Hills" pals will make cameos on the forthcoming MTV reality show focusing on the launch of her latest fashion line, viewers will be introduced to some other interesting people in LC's life.

Among the 24-year-old fashion maven's friends featured in the new program are Maura, her roommate, and Gary, who fans might remember from his time on MTV's short-lived reality series "Styl'D."

Expect Gary and Maura to play integral roles on the new show, which is still in its early stages. "I don't know [what will happen], 'cause we haven't started filming yet," Conrad explained to MTV News. "So stay tuned! But my roommate and one of my best friends is running the company, the business end, and another one of my good friends, Gary, is doing kind of the creative direction."

Thanks to his not-so-secret MTV past, Gary should be comfortable in front of the cameras, and LC said most of her other pals won't mind having their lives documented for the show either. "[Gary's] been around [the cameras], as have most of my friends," she said. "They've just kind of not stayed in front of them. They've avoided them."

Conrad recently revealed that she was happy to be getting the chance to reunite with some additional old associates on the new series. "I'm excited, because I get to work with some of my old crew, which is really cool," she dished. "I haven't gotten to see them in a while because they're all very busy people, but hopefully I'm going to get some familiar faces. I already have a couple of the guys from 'The Hills.' "

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