Katherine Heigl Is Jealous Of Josh Duhamel's Pied Piper Pheromones

'He's really good with children. They sort of flocked to him,' actress says of 'Life as We Know It' co-star.

In their new romantic comedy, "Life as We Know It," opening on Friday, Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel are two single people who find themselves responsible for their deceased friends' baby. And while Heigl is a mom in real life, she is giving kudos to childless Duhamel for his amazing ways with children.

"Oh my god! The best of the best! He's fantastic," she gushed to MTV News at the film's premiere last week. "He's really good with children. They sort of flocked to him. I think it's a pheromone thing. I think he puts off like a chocolate cookie scent to children. They love him, and those triplets [who played the baby in the movie] loved him."

So how did that make new mom Heigl feel? "It was upsetting on certain days, because I was like, 'But I'm a new mom and I should have the touch!' " she joked. " 'And I clearly don't have the touch and you do!' "

Of course for Heigl, this flick was one of the rare instances where life and art run parallel to each other. She began "Life" only days after she and husband Josh Kelley adopted daughter Naleigh.

"[Life was imitating art,] in a really intense way! In a way that we could have never predicted," she said of the role. "I chose the film for a myriad of reasons and one was the fact that I related to this woman. I understood the idea of loving a child that wasn't yours biologically and having to become that child's mother and embrace that. But I didn't expect to be literally doing that in real life as I was doing that on camera. It was amazing."

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