Gwyneth Paltrow Sings Praises Of Chris Martin's 'Country' Track

Coldplay frontman wrote 'Me and Tennessee' for wife's upcoming 'Country Strong.'

While gossip blogs continue to speculate on the health of their marriage, it looks like [movieperson id="48379"]Gwyneth Paltrow[/movieperson] and [artist id="1111141"]Coldplay[/artist] frontman Chris Martin have been off making music together. The Oscar winner's December release, "Country Strong" (previously titled "Love Don't Let Me Down") features a romantic track penned by her hubby. And, as Paltrow explains, it's about the complications of love.

" 'Me and Tennessee' is a special song that perfectly fits the movie," she told about the song, which she sings with country star Tim McGraw, who plays her husband in the film. "Country Strong" tells the story of a singer looking to revive her career with the help of a new songwriter ("Tron: Legacy" star Garrett Hedlund). It also features "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester as an up-and-coming country artist.

While "Me and Tennessee" may initially come off as a tune about two people who should just leave one another, like any good country song there's a twist. "It's about a couple who are maybe irreparably damaged," Paltrow explained. "But then the chorus is, 'Then that old song comes on, together we're singing, forever we're singing, that old country song.' So it's about country music bringing people back together when they're having a difficult time in life."

Previously, Paltrow spoke to MTV News about the flick, noting that she had to hone her musical abilities for the role. "I had to learn how to play guitar, and I took singing lessons. It was a real challenge, but I felt like I pretty much pulled it off," she explained.

Describing the role as "incredible," Paltrow pointed out that it was especially challenging since she came close to baring all for the film. "It was brutal," she recalled. "It was a brutal shoot. I mean I wasn't naked, naked, but I was semi-naked, in various stages of undress. [My character] has a drug and alcohol problem, so she's struggling a lot. It was a lot of fun for me, as an artist."

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