'Eastbound & Down' Star Says Kenny Powers Would 'Be Into' Lady Gaga

'He'd want to crack that egg,' actor Danny McBride says, adding his character would happily don a 'meat pantsuit.'

Fans who tuned into the season premiere of "Eastbound & Down" on Sunday — and those who've been following our coverage of HBO's outrageous comedy — know that season two kicked off with an appropriately zesty, south-of-the-border bang, as the show's antihero, Kenny Powers, fled North Carolina for the comforts of a small town in Mexico.

One of the major issues Powers will be dealing with in the episodes to come is a new love interest, Vida (Ana de la Reguera), and more specifically, the fact that Powers learns he might be an "ass man" and not a "breast man" as he has long believed.

"Kenny this season is at a moral dilemma," Danny McBride revealed to MTV News about his character. "He thought his whole life he was a boob man, but now he's realizing in Mexico that he might be an ass man."

Speaking of Powers' changing taste in women, when we caught up with McBride at the show's premiere this month, we asked which MTV darling — Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj or Taylor Swift — his TV alter ego would be most attracted to.

"Kenny Powers would probably be into Lady Gaga a little, maybe," McBride said. "He would probably just write her off as being weird. He'd want to crack that egg," he said. "This is him, not me, this is him," he added emphatically.

So, might Powers be up for sporting one of Gaga's famously over-the-top ensembles? "Depending on where that ended up, he might be down, yeah," McBride said. And what about something with a little bite, like a meat pantsuit to go with Gaga's VMA meat dress?

"A meat pantsuit? Yeah, that's not a big deal," the actor said. "That's a typical Saturday night for Kenny Powers."

Which MTV pop star do you think Kenny Powers would go crazy for? Tell us your picks in the comments!