Taylor Swift Not Set To Replace Lindsay Lohan In 'One Night With You'

Lohan is reportedly being dropped from the film due to her ongoing legal struggles.

Despite online reports to the contrary, Taylor Swift is not set to replace Lindsay Lohan in the romantic comedy "One Night With You," the singer/actress' rep told MTV News.

Swift, who has appeared in movies like "Hannah Montana: The Movie," "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" and "Valentine's Day," was rumored to take over the female lead in the flick about a starlet who joins a reality dating show in an attempt to save her career. But, as in most romantic comedies, things don't go as planned when instead she falls for a bartender who happens to hate all things Hollywood. A love/hate relationship ensues between the two.

When contacted by MTV News, a rep for Swift said nothing is planned as of now.

Swift stated earlier this year that her focus was on her music, not making movies. Her new album, Speak Now, is due out in October.

"I'm not making movies right now. I'm making music. That's always been my number-one love," Swift said back in June. "It's been so cool to be able to be a part of things that have been really fun, like being in 'Valentine's Day' and getting to guest-star in 'CSI.' I feel like I get to do these little mini-movies when I make music videos, so that kind of fulfills that little need or desire. But if I ever get time, I might like to [act again]."

Regardless of her current status on "One Night With You," Swift was recently seen sporting a basketball uniform, which she reportedly wore for a part in "Todd vs. High School," co-starring Jason Segal.

Lohan, meanwhile, is still onboard to star in the Linda Lovelace biopic "Inferno," despite repeated delays in filming caused by the actress' ongoing legal troubles.

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