'Eastbound & Down' Team Reveals What To Expect From Season Two

Kenny Powers realizes 'he might be an ass man,' Danny McBride says of his character's 'moral dilemma.'

LOS ANGELES — Well, "Eastbound & Down" fans, your wait is almost over. HBO's outrageous, irreverent comedy is back for a second season beginning Sunday, complete with Marilyn Manson's obsession and cameo bid. Kenny Powers has fled North Carolina for the comforts of a small town in Mexico, where he's joined by familiar faces and new ones.

MTV News hit up the show's Mexican fiesta-themed premiere recently to find out what this new season is all about.

"He's got a new haircut, as we can see," creator/writer/director Jody Hill said of Kenny Powers' cornrows. "He's in Mexico. There's a whole new group of characters, so all the people you knew in the first season, we've kind of wiped the slate clean and started fresh."

"I play his neighbor," "Eastbound & Down" newbie Efren Ramirez said. "And in the second season, I play the straight guy wrapped around all these character actors, and that's a good thing, because I'm always playing all the character roles," he explained (i.e. Pedro of "Napoleon Dynamite" fame) and this is finally something completely and totally different."

Actor Michael Peña filled one of those character roles, as wacky local ball club owner Sebastian Cisneros. "I play the owner of a baseball team who might be like a little bit rich, especially for Mexico standards," Peña said, but wouldn't reveal whether his character was a good guy or bad.

So why send Kenny to Mexico?

"He's a disaster wherever he goes," Hill admitted. "We figured that having him come back home [in the first season] was the lowest he could go, but in movies or westerns, the outlaws always run off to Mexico when they're trying to escape the law or run, so we figured that would be a perfect place for Kenny," Hill explained. "Seeing as how he sees himself as a guy in a western movie, like a cowboy."

From Danny McBride's perspective, his character Kenny's trouble all boils down to a familiar burden: women. Specifically, Powers learns he might be an "ass man" and not a "breast man" like he previously thought.

"Kenny this season is at a moral dilemma," McBride revealed. "He thought his whole life he was a boob man, but now he's realizing in Mexico that he might be an ass man."

The lovely lady who stirs up this controversy is Ana de la Reguera, who plays Kenny's new love interest Vida. "He gets really confused," Reguera said. "Because I have certain parts of my body that [hometown love] April doesn't have and reverse. He gets really confused."

McBride broke it down with a simple food analogy: "Sometimes you think you don't like tomatoes, and then you try one and suddenly you like tomatoes," he explained. "It happens to all of us."

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