Kanye West To Perform On 'Saturday Night Live'

MC will appear on the October 2 episode, which 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston will host.

Kanye West will appear as the musical guest on the October 2 episode of "Saturday Night Live," which will be hosted by "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston. The high-profile appearance, which NBC confirmed to MTV News on Tuesday (September 21) morning, will come less than a month after West closed out the VMAs with the debut of a new song, "Runaway."

West may have dissed the show in his track "Power" — where he raps, "F--- 'SNL' and the whole cast. Tell 'em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass" — but it doesn't seem that the bookers minded very much. West's last "SNL" appearance came during its 2007 season premiere; he also appeared in a sketch during that episode, which was hosted by NBA star LeBron James. There is no word on whether he will act during this upcoming appearance.

West appears to be settling scores in 2010. During his VMA appearance, he laid to rest the Taylor Swift incident from a year prior. She too seemed to be putting the skirmish behind them in her new song, the tentatively titled "Innocent." During the year between West's interruption of Swift's Best Female Video acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs and the beef-squashing earlier this month, both Swift and former beau Taylor Lautner appeared on "SNL" (on separate occasions) and took a few shots at the rapper.

West is the latest high-profile musical act added to the NBC show's lineup. Katy Perry is set to perform on the show's season premiere on September 25, which will be hosted by "SNL" alum Amy Poehler.

USA Today reports that Bruno Mars, who was arrested over the weekend for alleged cocaine possession, is set to perform on the October 9 episode of "SNL," which "Glee" star Jane Lynch will host.