Kanye West Recruits Swizz Beatz, Raekwon For 'Lord, Lord, Lord'

G.O.O.D. Friday joint also features Mos Def and Charlie Wilson

The G.O.O.D. Fridays keep rolling on.

[artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] dropped his weekly gratis track early Saturday (September 18), and this week's offering, "Lord, Lord, Lord," is heavy on silky soul and laid-back flows. Boasting verses from lyrical luminaries Mos Def and Raekwon and fellow producer/MC Swizz Beatz, as well as hearty riffs from R&B heavyweight and favored West vocalist of late Charlie Wilson, "Lord" features more of the smoky throwback feel the MC has dished out on tracks like "Devil In a New Dress" and "See Me Now."

West apparently tinkered with the song until, literally, the midnight hour, tweeting late Friday, "Swizz laying his verse ... it's almost midnight #GOODFRIDAYS." Swizzy quipped that he and the Chicago MC had to fudge the Friday deadline for East Coast fans. "GOOD FRIDAY IS ON LA TiME TONIGHT LMAO!" he tweeted.

However, the resulting track has none of the rushed energy you might expect from a five-artist collabo completed just hours before hitting the Web. It is instead a graceful seven-minute-long joint highlighting each contributor's distinct swagger.

Mos opens the track, gliding through cerebral rhymes like, "Cool ruler standing still, sweatin' through the shade/He knew those lights only grew bright to fade/Dead-wrong pageantry, lottery and games/Sleight of hand provided by extravagant and fake."

West follows with a punchier delivery, rattling off lyrics such as, "I got lines that's better than n----s albums, plural/king of the urban, make ya sh-- sound rural."

Then Swizz shows off the fruits of his late-night session, jumping in with "All-white Bentley, I call that 'Mama'/my life crazy, like Obama's."

Wu-Tang Clan elder statesman Raekwon rides out the track with lines like, "Open glass on my fingers/I sit back like I'm caged but still cakin,' my n----s is hatin.' It's like being in the livest Lambo in the hood, you a piece of steak/I'd rather be that then some bacon," before recounting days living "amongst fiends, countin' currency, hittin' blunts."

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