Kanye West Earns Fans' 'Respect' With 'Runaway'

'The song and performance were refreshing and real,' one reader writes about 'Ye's VMA set.

[artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] took an uncharacteristically modest stance at the 2010 Video Music Awards when he debuted his new track "Runaway." His "toast to the douche bags" around the world garnered mixed reviews from MTV News readers but seemed to earn a lot of fans' respect.

Slimbodygal couldn't help but give props to Yeezy for his seemingly self-deprecating lyrics: "Love this song!!! I have to give credit and have respect for anyone who recognizes when they are all those things he said in the song. At least he is not in denial like most people that are. I have to admit I can be an A hole at times, toasting myself!!!!"

Musictomyears felt the VMA performance was a good first step back into America's hearts: "It was the night's only standing ovation. Strategically, if this doesn't work, I don't know what will. But based on the crowd's reaction, it appears to have done the trick. It was a Kanye lovefest."

Even those who weren't necessarily a fan of "Runaway" said Kanye did a great job of conveying the song's message. "Lyrics were pretty clear to me, sounds like he's calling himself out, saying he screws up like most of us do," MTV News reader Travis wrote. "I would not necessarily call myself a fan but I respect his talent. With the media trying to pit him and Swift against each other, he showed a little refinement. The song and performance were refreshing and real. Maybe even redemption to some."

MTV News reader Angelica had a change of heart about the MC: "This song showed me that he hasn't forgotten who he is and that he doesn't sit on a high horse as we all thought he did. ... Much respect."

But when it came to down West's performance, Flip10 couldn't help compare the rapper's performance with Taylor Swift's performance of "Innocent." Admitting his appreciation for both acts' honesty, he wrote: "Kanye tried too hard. I'm not gonna lie, I can't stand Taylor Swift, but every word to her song was the truth. She speaks her mind, and so does Kanye. I respect that. We need more people like that. I hate the 'cookie cutter' singers."

Fkiawu wasn't satisfied with 'Ye's song: "I'm sorry but this song was just awful! Why the hell would I or anyone else want to make a toast to douche bags, scumbags and a--holes?! If that's the case, we might as well replace President Obama with The Situation. It's just a very stupid idea."

A big-time Yeezy fan was offended that others weren't able to comprehend the song's subject matter, writing, "He has issues and everyone knows that but anyone who possesses a little common sense would see both him and Taylor's performances were in reference to what happened," Makesha wrote. "Did you all listen to what Taylor was saying in her song?? If she could forgive him who are any of you to say anything!"

Do you think "Runaway" conveyed the proper message to fans? Sound off below!

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