'Easy A' Star Penn Badgley Dishes On Hollywood Rumor Mill

'I once heard that I got my girlfriend a Cartier love bracelet,' actor jokes about 'Gossip Girl' co-star Blake Lively. 'It was incredibly romantic of me.'

Opening on Friday, "Easy A," starring adorable girl-next-door Emma Stone and "Gossip Girl" star Penn Badgley, is a perfect example of the teen comedy done right. The hilarious film revolves around the enduring teenage obsession with one's reputation. Nice girl/ semi-outsider Olive makes a deal with a guy friend to pretend to have sex at a house party, so that the bullies at their high school will think he's "cool" and leave him alone. But that one good-natured act soon spirals into many more "requests" from other similarly plagued students.

Soon the high school rumor mill has been set ablaze with exaggerated accounts of Olive's alleged exploits. When MTV News recently caught up with Badgley, we took a different tack, asking him what rumor he wished he'd started about himself back in high school — and the wackiest one he's heard since then.

"That I was going to be a movie star," he joked. "I don't know, as far as my high school persona [goes], I was pretty laid-back, I was pretty quiet. Confident but not terribly out there," he revealed. "I didn't come into my own until I was about 17 or 18."

Not surprisingly, the funniest rumor Badgley had heard about himself involved his highly publicized relationship with "GG" co-star and girlfriend Blake Lively.

"I once heard a rumor that I got my girlfriend a Cartier love bracelet," he recalled. "Which is essentially like a love handcuff that can't come off, and they're like $3,000 or something. So it was incredibly romantic of me," he laughed. "But I didn't do it."

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