Drake's Sinatra-Cool VMA Performance: Making The Show

Drizzy says the idea to channel the Rat Pack came from his earlier VMA promo.

[artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] has become a wise man in his 23 years. He knows that when a great idea crosses his path, he shouldn't turn his nose up at it. Drizzy was approached by MTV a few months ago to make a promo for the 2010 Video Music Awards. In the VMA commercial, Drake is suited and booted and as smooth as Frank Sinatra.

"Really, it came from the [VMA] campaign," Drake said on Friday afternoon, explaining the inspiration for his VMA performance with Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz. He was in his dressing room at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and had just finished rehearsing with Swizz and 30 beautiful models. "The campaign let me sort of have a Sinatra moment. I got so many compliments. 'You look great in a suit.' And 'the way you move, you exude that same confidence.' I was like, well, it would be silly for me to stray from something that great and do a whole hip-hop performance. Let's just make the campaign our performance."

Hence the snazzy threads and club feel on Sunday night. On Friday, he wore jeans and a black tee. In between takes he looked down from the stage and cracked jokes with one of his managers, Cortez Bryant. During one break, he even kicked a freestyle off the mic. You could hardly hear him, but he seemed to be feeling his rhymes. Later, Drake also told us he was feeling Old Blue Eyes' über-cool clique, which included Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin.

"I watched the Rat Pack live at the Copa Club," he said. "It was just so relaxed. They were smoking cigarettes and drinking Jack. It was women everywhere. It wasn't 'let's just rap and be epic and be huge.'

They were like, 'I really run this. Me and Sammy and Dean.' I wanted to get up there and look fly."

The Moonmen have all been handed out and the stars have gone home, but there's plenty of 2010 MTV Video Music Awards news, interviews, behind-the-scenes scoop, party reports and more still to come, so keep it locked on MTVNews.com.