Usher's VMA Performance Proves He's Still King: Making The Show

Singer held back at rehearsals, harnessing his energy for Sunday's show.

The King is back!

Usher thrilled the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night with his stunning combination performance of "OMG" and "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love."

The singer moved and grooved, proving that he's the R&B star that everyone pays attention to for the big moments.

After a lukewarm reception to his previous album, the singer

busted back onto the charts and radio with his latest set, Raymond v. Raymond, and he's been proving doubters wrong since its release.

"We all sat in a room and came up with a concept for the stage, and then we took that concept to Usher," VMA executive producer Dave Sirulnick told MTV News about the star's setup. "We said to him, 'We want to do the best televised dance routine that you've done in years. Let's show why you're the king.' "

Usher handily delivered.

Durng his rehearsals he was as focused as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant on the eve of game seven for the championship.

His choreographer led the way with Usher's backup dancers while the "OMG" star looked on intently; he only jumped in a handful of times, instead choosing to harness his energy for Sunday night's big show.

The crooner has ruled the charts in the past with a mix of uptempo grooves and slow-burning ballads.

But Usher has reinvented himself this year with the dance tune "OMG" and his latest single, "DJ Got Us Falling in Love."

Usher plays to win, and after his stirring performance it's clear that the crown still rests securely on his head.

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