Justin Bieber's Team On Twitter: A VMA Guide!

For truly revealing pre-awards-show tweets, Beliebers should be following the Best New Artist nominee's entourage.

As the Boy King of Twitter, [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] has no shortage of online support from his fans. Thanks to their devoted retweets and hashtag campaigns, Bieber now drives 3 percent of Twitter traffic.

Most people afflicted with Bieber Fever may only get close to their beloved pop star through his RTs, which Justin often posts in response to fan tweets lamenting that he probably would never retweet them. There is, however, a small group of Twitter users who are lucky enough to get regular responses and face time with the cherubic champ: his entourage.

What better time to support Justin Bieber than in the days before the 2010 Video Music Awards? MTV News has devised a roundup of some of his most supportive team members on Twitter so that you can follow all of the insider action leading up to the Best New Artist results on Sunday.

Pattie Mallette, Justin's Mom


If we're going to make a list of Justin's supporters, we have to give props to the lady who brought him into the world. For obvious reasons, she's the biggest Justin champion of all time.

Sample Tweet: @CarinMB Vote for the kid...he deserves it!!

Jeremy Jack Bieber, Justin's Dad


It takes two to make a thing go so right! Poppa Bieber tweets about golfing, taking Justin's little sister Jazzy swimming and, of course, how proud he is of @justinbieber.

Sample Tweet: Have a huge surprise for @justinbieber when we get to Winnipeg!!

Alfredo Flores, Video Director


Follow Alfredo to get the latest on Justin's shoots, tour bus pranks and whenever Justin goes into #BEASTMODE.

Sample Tweet: @OVOCourtne yes super busy.. but now we are on a break.. Headed to LA.. VMA rehearsal and whatnot.. aren't you rehearsing soon?

Scooter Braun, Manager


In addition to handling Justin's business affairs, Scooter gets to play basketball with Justin, who has teased his 29-year-old manager for being too old on the court. Burn!

Sample Tweet: ok ok ....all kidding aside that was fun...but I promise you at the VMA's @justinbieber and the crew are gonna bring it. GONNA BE CRAZY!!!

Kenny Hamilton, Bodyguard


Scooter may protect Justin's career, but Kenny protects his body. For that very reason, you should follow the man who is Justin's daily shadow.

Sample Tweet: @brookandthecity I'm good. Out in LA for the VMA's. I gotta come see ya when I get back in town

Jon Chu, Director, Untitled Justin Bieber 3-D Movie


Imagine yourself instructing Justin on where to stand, how to dance for you, and when to look at the camera. Are you smiling yet? Live vicariously through Jon by following his interactions with his star.

Sample Tweet: Late night editing at Paramount for @justinbieber film.... ordering food in, drinking red bull and ready to make some magic...who's with me?

Vick Carter, Justin's Choreographer


Justin recently tweeted, "Everyone follow @vickroc he's tight."

You gotta love the man who helps JB parlay all that swagger on the dance floor. Follow Vic for the latest dance moves and fun bus shenanigans.

Sample Tweet: Jb killed the sound check party and rocked on the stage tonight!!! Everybody did an excellent job!!

Dan Kanter, Justin's Musical Director/ Guitarist


When it comes to the VMAs, Dan is about as close to Justin as anyone could get! For the latest on Justin's rehearsals and behind-the-scenes moments, follow the man behind the music.

Sample Tweet: Watching @drakknoir VMA rehearsal

Mic1 and Legaci a.k.a. Official Justin Bieber Backup Singers



Legaci is an R&B singing group from Northern California. These guys get up close and personal with JB on the regular. Mic1, a member of Legaci, was recently tackled by JB, making him the envy of millions.

Sample Tweet: On our way to VMA rehearsals! Wish us luck. This is a major milestone in our careers. #fb

DJ Tay James, Justin's DJ


As the official DJ for Justin, this lucky fellow gets to hang out with JB and rock the stage with him at the VMAs.

Sample Tweet: In rehearsals VMAs is goin to be #stupid can't wait

Tomi Martin, Justin's Guitarist


Tomi was on hand when Justin rocked the stage at Madison Square Garden on August 31.

Sample Tweet: Just got fitted 4 the VMA's by 2 of the hottest asst's ever..I'm just say'n..50 FEET!!

Did we miss anyone from Team Bieber? If you think your Justin Bieber fan account is the best on Twitter, tell us why in the comments!