Justin Bieber Talks 'CSI' Cameo

The pop star is looking forward to reaching new audiences on the crime drama's September 23 premiere.

While he may cause a little mischief now and then, [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] is far more wholesome than the troubled teen he plays on the season premiere of "CSI." In a

target="_blank">behind-the-scenes video that also contains a few teaser clips from the September 23 episode, the pop star and "CSI"

actor George Eads talk about working together.

The teen sensation said he was confident that his legion of Beliebers would enjoy the premiere — as well as the episode later in the season that would find him reprising his role as Jason McCann. "It's going to be fun. There's two episodes that I'm doing. It's high energy," he said.

Bieber said that he has always been a fan of the show, as well as its spinoffs. "I liked it because you never knew what was going to happen.

Now that I'm on it, it's pretty cool," he said. He added that his cameo would be boundary-crossing for both him and the show. "It opens a different audience to the show," he said, "and it also helps me because a new audience that might not know me is now going to see me. So it works both ways."

The singer noted that working with Eads, who plays forensic scientist Nick Stokes, was his favorite part of the process.

Eads returned the compliments. "He's very popular and I know he's very gifted," said the actor. "But I think it'll be cool for fans of his and the show to see him do some acting. And I'm kind of getting in his face, so it's really cool."

The character of Jason, who the pop star describes as "kind of like a bad kid," gets in Stokes' face as well. In one scene, Jason tries to flip the script on an interrogation, asking Stokes, "Where's your gun, your vest, your badge? You off work or something?" Another scene shows the teen watching a grueling fight.

While Bieber says he had a little trouble remembering his lines, he definitely gave Eads a good first impression. "I told him, 'Sorry we have to rehearse so many times,' and he goes, 'No, that's all right. I'm a perfectionist,' " the actor recalled.

If the "CSI" cameo doesn't cure fans' Bieber fever, they can look forward to seeing the pop star on the big screen in 2011, when his 3-D concert movie hits theaters.

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