Angelina Jolie's 'Gravity' Role Reportedly Offered To Natalie Portman

Jolie dropped out of the sci-fi drama last week.

Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan" premiered at the Venice Film Festival last week, and critics are still buzzing over the ballet-centric thriller and star Natalie Portman's standout performance. Also in the news last week was Angelina Jolie's departure from Alfonso Cuaron's sci-fi drama "Gravity," in which she was set to star alongside Robert Downey Jr. With the role vacated, a long list of potential replacements surfaced, including "Swan" star Portman.

Now it seems that Portman may be the top choice to step in for Jolie. The young star received a formal offer from Warner Bros., according to The Hollywood Reporter. The next step is for her to read the script and make a decision.

"Gravity" is an "$80 million [budgeted] 3D survival story," which Cuaron will direct. The male and female leads play astronauts who are stranded after a disaster leaves their space station inoperable. Downey's role is a small one in comparison to the one Portman is now up for — the story primarily revolves around her character's desire to get back to Earth, where her daughter is waiting.

Portman already has a 2011 jam-packed with work. She'll be promoting three features — medieval stoner comedy "Your Highness," romantic comedy "No Strings" and Marvel superhero summer blockbuster "Thor" — and continuing development on the adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," which David O. Russell is writing/directing and Portman will produce/star in. THR also reports that Terence Malick is after the young actress for a role in a "Jerry Lee Lewis-related project" that he is developing with Brad Pitt, and that Tom Stoppard is seeking her out for yet another project.

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