Paris Hilton Tweets About Rumors After Cocaine Bust

'I know the truth,' the reality starlet writes.

Paris Hilton appears to be learning that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — especially when you're a globe-trotting, high-profile heiress.

On Friday, the reality starlet was arrested for cocaine possession after the SUV she was riding in was pulled over when a cop smelled the strong aroma of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Police allegedly discovered 0.8 grams of cocaine in Hilton's purse, and on Monday, she was charged with felony cocaine possession. Now Hilton, who served a 23-day sentence in 2007 stemming from a 2006 DUI charge, is staring down a possible sentence of up to four years in prison and is due in court October 27.

Hilton took to Twitter early Wednesday (September 1) to refute recent whispers about her. "These rumors going around are so ridiculous, untrue and cruel," Hilton wrote. "I'm not going to even pay attention to them, because I know the truth."

Hilton didn't elaborate on which rumors she claims are false, but headlines detailing her situation paint a grim picture. According to reports, her boyfriend, Cy Waits, who was behind the wheel when police stopped the pair and was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, has lost his nightclub job. In addition, a spokesperson for Wynn Resorts Limited confirmed to The Associated Press that Hilton has been banned from the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore resorts.

Hilton has denied that the purse containing the cocaine belonged to her, and her attorney, David Chesnoff, has insisted the amount allegedly found is "negligible, the purse it was found in wasn't hers and Paris was illegally searched."

A source close to Hilton told Radar Online that because the socialite was removed from the scene and searched at the nearby Wynn Las Vegas resort, the assertion that she was searched illegally may hold merit.

"Cops discovered the cocaine inside the security offices where Paris was taken," the source said. "Because Paris was taken away from the scene where the car was pulled over, this could potentially be an illegal search of a person. ... Las Vegas Metro didn't follow standard procedures when Paris was arrested, and her lawyer will be talking to the D.A. about this."

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